Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothing but inspiring

I came across this article which I thought was worth sharing. Here it is, for all those who believe in themselves Get inspired

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yes this blog is easy to read.

The reading level of this blog is getting easier. Hope it reaches a wider strata of people

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Remember our future is as good as Earth's future.

It's been a long long time since I blogged anything and it really felt like eternity :). There were hundreds of issues/things I could've talked about like the Attukal Pongala- possibly the largest congregation of women in the world or India's famous win down under or the brutal killings in Kannur, a district of Kerala. And I was a bit busy with work and I felt like I needed a break. And then that break went on and on. Meanwhile I learnt calisthenics, pliometrics and read some real good books.
In fact I was fascinated by a presentation sent by a senior colleague about global warming. And I thought this was something worthy of sharing. I've been learning more about this menace since last year after I read an article in a magazine.We all know that the average temperature has been going up since Industrial revolution, the amount of green house gases emitted has multiplied by many folds. As I watched the presentation I was reminded of the movie 'Waterworld'. Yes water levels are rising alarmingly and it's been predicted that seas would rise by 1.5 -2M by 2025, possibly putting many lives in peril. The reluctance of U.S to sign the Kyoto protocol adds up to the misery as U.S alone produces half of the world's pollutants. I don't know how this is going to be tackled but I want everyone to be aware of the danger looming ahead. I want people to come out from their 'state of denial' and rise up to the challenges.

Remember our future is as good as Earth's future.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Yet another year is fading away and we are all awaiting the New year with great hopes. Hopes of a better tomorrow, joy, happiness all around.

Big congrats for those stuck to their resolutions. And those who couldn't..... no need to worry. There's always next time. :)

Resolutions or no resolutions, I wish you all great success, immense joy and pleasant surprises through out 2008.


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Monday, November 05, 2007

India booms ?

Guys, It's been quite sometime since I blogged anything. Work pressure kept me tied down for the last one month or so. Now I'm back.

I came across an article by P. Sainath(Magsaysay award winning journalist)about India's perceived economical growth. Well, India is booming. The Stock markets are rocketing, IT is a super success story, Manufacturing going great guns, Indian companies acquiring much bigger global companies. Whatever news channel you watch or whatever magazines you flip over you come across such success stories that fills your heart with pride. But when the clouds of pride melt away you see the real picture. India was ranked 94th on Global Hunger Index out of 114 countries. This means India manages it's hunger very badly and thats true. I read sometime ago that people were starving to death in Orissa while food grains were rotting away in Food Corporation of India's go downs. And I saw no one from the government uttering a single word about this. Just think of what happened when the BSE SENSEX crashed. The Finance Minister came out with all kinds of assurances that India's growth story is intact and there is nothing to worry. And see how many share market investors are there? half a million or a million. Anyway there are millions starving away and nothing is being done about it.

What we see by India's growth is consolidation of wealth and not distribution. There is no trickle down effect as far I see. Yes you can't demand wealth has to be distributed uniformly in a democratic nation. But the government's apathy towards the downtrodden is criminal. I wonder what would be the picture 5 years down the line. A country of a few super rich people and a marginalized majority?. The challenge before the law makers is how to bring social equality. And I hope this time they don't fail us

Friday, September 28, 2007

Barking dogs seldom bite

As my friend Quint said... Enough with the celebrations of winning the Twenty 20 WC. Its time to move on and I just thought of another issue which has been rocking the central boat for quite some time. Yes, its the Nuclear deal I'm talking about.Well I'm not detailing into pros and cons of the nuclear deal now. I just want to talk about the role of 'Left' in this matter.

The Left which has a major say in the central government took strong exception to the stand of Prime minister to not discuss the matter in the parliament had left many a people wondering whether is this the beginning of the end for the UPA government. But the Left has only flattered to deceive in this matter. They started making much noise about the '123 agreement', the Hyde Act and crying that India would lose its sovereignty blah blah. If you see the behavior of the left brigade through out its history, it has always sought to be iconoclastic and radical but failed to do so. It acted as British informants during the Quit India movement, openly supported the Chinese during the Chinese invasion in 1962 and now this. They always think that they are a different breed and believes that they are the sole representatives of Indian Public even though the truth tells a different story.

There is one demand which I found very valid was to have a dialogue on the deal, still the actions followed by the Left were childish and immature to the core. Ranting and raving cannot fool the people in this age. They were left in a quandary with the prime minister taking a very brave, obstinate stand and even challenging the Left to withdraw support to the government. They know they just can't bring down the government because that'd give the BJP a chance to ride the Ram Sethu issue and recapture power. The problem with the communists they accept their mistakes after pretty long times which make them look like a bunch of clowns. Now it seems like the initial enthusiasm of the Left has gone and they are trying to save their skin while making a noise or two once in a while. Well I really like the Left a lot because it always gives a chance to smile at the current political scenario in India.But this time it had taken it a bit far. Here is my $0.02 to Prakash Karat. If you can't do it stop barking.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hip Hip Hooray

Whoa!!!! Finally we did it. India just won the World Twenty20 cricket championships by defeating arch rivals Pakistan in the finals by a very narrow margin. It's been 24 years since we had won a world cup of cricket and this somehow soothed the frayed souls of a population for whom cricket is a religion and players GODS. Even though the victory came in a much abbreviated form of cricket, it's a moment to cherish forever.

Well this is a very deserved win and what I liked the most about the team was the majority of the players came from small time, rather obscure towns. This is clearly a welcome change which augurs well for the future of cricket as well as India. Why India because now more and more people from small time towns will follow their dreams without any inhibitions and that can bring only glory to the country in whatever field they choose to be in.

Meanwhile this is time to rejoice and let me say this words aloud

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